Polyvalence and transversality are the essential conditions for innovation. In erasing the virtual boundaries between different areas, it then becomes possible to go beyond what already exists to create something unexpected.

At their roots, FiveCo are a group of engineers from the EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and specialize in electronics and embedded firmware, mechanics, software and image processing. Each of the founding members is polyvalent and capable of innovating. Since then, the company has integrated new resources enabling them to diversify their competencies. The particularity of FiveCo is in being able to work with experts in fields other than in engineering, such as designers or artisans, in order to see through all the projects they take on.

“FiveCo is capable of developing algorithms for the exact needs of the client and of creating, if necessary, the visual machinery (optical camera, for example).” Gilles
  • Custom algorithms.
  • Character recognition (OCR).
  • Measures (calibration and verification).
  • Detection of defects.
  • Face tracking.
  • Pattern recognition.
  • Licence plate recognition (LPR).