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Warning: this product is discontinued !

This product has been replaced by the FMod-TCP BOX 2 device.

This TCP/IP server board allows manufacturers and system integrators to connect their different devices such as home appliances and industrial control systems directly to the Ethernet network, and remotely monitor & control them with standard TCP-IP protocols.

The standard DIN rail compatible box allows for easy integration inside existing systems. A development kit and software libraries are available for fast conception process.

For the DEVICE, you have at your disposal:

  • One RS232 bus
  • One I2C bus
  • 14 Digital 24V outputs
  • 2 50V relays
  • 16 12V analog or 24V digital inputs

For the COMMUNICATION, the transmission layers manage the ICMP (ping), UDP, TCP and HTTP protocols in order to send the data to the dedicated application layer. As for the TCP server, it is multiport.

A dedicated Win32 software and a sample Java Applet (with source code) are available.

A development kit is also available and contains the following items:

  • FMod-TCP BOX board
  • RS232 DB9 f-m cable
  • DIN 41651 40 lines cable
  • User manual
  • CD-ROM with a dedicated software and the default Java applet source code.