• Innovation: V|OAK machine: Automatic sharpener that allows cold sharpening of chainsaw chains in a perfectly regular and precise way while maintaining the sharpening angles
  • Innovation : The secured C-Ring (Free Access), rotating version, aims to present a watch in an aerial way with a high level of security
  • Innovation : Raptor III: Unique display for 2 watches allowing to synchronize the movement of the watches with a video
  • Brand : FiveCo founded the Around Five brand in collaboration with PilotDesign
  • Innovation : Creation and development of the Around Five clock: "The Sculpture of Time". It proposes a different reading of time, based on the race of the sun


  • Innovation: The Immersion watch display with IR sensors that activate the closing of a diaphragm in case of an intrusion
  • Success: The iTag display, with a new anti-theft system, offers interactive technology for watch sales displays
  • Innovation: The Totem of the 5 values of the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne


  • Innovation : Magic Box display without glass with motion detection and protection of the watch in case of intrusion
  • Innovation: Fusion, the rotating, secure and glass free display allows a real proximity to the watch exhibited
  • Anniversary: FiveCo celebrates its 15th anniversary


  • Innovation: The Carrousel showcase for the Dubail boutique
  • Innovation: Sequencer for Raptor II. This module allows video, lighting and mechanical movement to be synchronized


  • Innovation: The Emperador cigar chest, a unique combination of high technology, mechanics and 100% Swiss know-how
  • Innovation: The iPad application for endodontics: X-SMART iQ


  • Innovation: The BMS automotive battery manager
  • Innovation: The motorized watch stand (H/V)
  • Foundation: FiveCo moves into its new offices in Budron in Mont-sur-Lausanne


  • by FiveCo brand: The executive desk reveals its secret drawers
  • Innovation: Ghost film allows to control its transparency on request
  • Innovation: SMT (Screen Motion Technology), this system allows you to give movement to a screen and synchronize it with video


  • Innovations: The Electro Label and the Raptor Loupe to highlight watch showcases
  • Anniversary: FiveCo celebrates its first 10 years
  • by FiveCo brand: “Art of secret” is a unique brand of secret furniture


  • Innovation: Communication and energy transfer by induction
  • Innovation: This high-tech display unit is a sphere that displays video on its surface


  • Foundation: Label Suisse Passion
  • by FiveCo brand: Secret of Night is the first piece of furniture of Art of Secret, a brand in creation signed by FiveCo
  • Innovations: The Watchtester; the motorized watch holder; and also the dynamic caption on the Oled screen


  • Innovations: Cases with LCD Glass or Camera
  • Innovation: The PulsoGraph amplifies the natural sound of a watch


  • Innovation: A retractable post to control access to vehicles
  • Innovation: The Fusion Explorer allows you to view the smallest details of an object, at distance
  • Foundation: FiveCo moves into its new offices in Renens


  • by FiveCo brand: Launch of "Mémoire du Vin", a new brand signed by FiveCo
  • Innovation: the Discover case


  • Success: The Raptor is a secure watch display stand, capable of retracting the object back into its compartment in 1/10 of a second


  • Innovation: Way-T Electronic hourglass


  • Fondation: Swiss Mobile Robotics Consortium
  • Innovation: LPR (License Plate Recognition)
  • Innovation: Development of an automatic number plate reading application


  • Success: Genilem Label
  • Innovation: Development of an MP3 player


  • Success: Interactive system for the robot guide RoboX for the Swiss National Fair
  • Foundation: FiveCo is set up at the Science Park of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
  • Innovation: The Minirover, a mobile robot with very low consumption