The best of FiveCo. We have picked a selection of our best customer references and realizations. And by the way you’ll enjoy the spirit by FiveCo of our own brands.

Brands by fiveco

Emboldened by the experience gained from industrial clients and the many other projects developed, FiveCo created Around Five, Art of Secret, Mémoire du Vin. These were both much more than a lesson in style. The three original and 100% Swiss Made brands have completely thrown off all compromises and gone to the very edge of the expression of creativity.

It is thanks to these exclusive pieces, the by FiveCo signature has been able to stamp its style in the luxury business.

by FiveCo is the guarantee of a unique know-how that combines the best of innovative Swiss Made engineering and of the creativity of a team. This is the guarantee of an unexpected marriage between forms of traditional craftsmanship and the expertise of the most advanced technologies.

Half-way between work of art and functional, the products signed by FiveCo are impacting in their exclusivity and unique character.