The founders

Copyright Olivier Evard 2012
© Photo by Olivier Evard 2012

The origins of FiveCo stem from a group of engineers who are all graduates in micro-engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Their first project together was the interactive system of the robot guide, RoboX, for the Swiss National Fair in 2002. Following on from this remarkable initial collaboration, Antoine Lorotte, Xavier Greppin, Gilles Froidevaux, Antoine Gardiol and Mathieu Meisser decided to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure. The root of their success is a “fusioned collective”. It is thanks to their multidisciplinary competencies and their common passion for innovating that they launched “by FiveCo”, a unique signature.

This is the base the firm stands on, and it continues to grow by recruiting new talents who will enable them to better respond to the daily growing demand of their clients.

Antoine Lorotte Antoine Gardiol Xavier Greppin Gilles Froidevaux
General manager Financial manager Technical manager Purchase manager