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FMod-I2CDCMOT DB 48/1.5FMod-I2CDCMOT DB 48/1.5FMod-I2CDCMOT DB 48/1.5

FMod-I2CDCMOT DB 48/1.5

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FMod-I2CDCMOT DB 48/1.5

This very small board (48x35 mm) provides simultaneously a power stage (70W) and a speed and position PID regulator for DC motors (with brushes and encoder).

The I2C bus, used as a communication protocol, allows to connect up to 112 boards on the same bus. When using this product with FiveCo's Ethernet to I2C converter (FMod-TCP DB) you can drive several motors through a single Ethernet cable !

A development board (FMod-IP4DCMOT) that accepts four FMod-I2CDCMOT DB 48/1.5 and one FMod-TCP DB is also available and allows a rapid design of your application.