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Automatic chain saw sharpener

FiveCo has developed in collaboration with the Usines Métallurgiques de Vallorbe (UMV), an automatic sharpener for chain saws. It took about over 2 years to move from the idea to an industrializable product that required mechanical, electronic and programming skills for the management firmware of the entire machine.

This V|OAK machine allows cold saws sharpening using standard UMV files. It adapts to different types of chains and offers perfectly regular and precise sharpening while maintaining sharpening angles.

Compact, reliable and able to operate in 12V, this machine is also transportable. Its LCD interface makes it easy to configure the chain characteristics and follow the sharpening procedure.

The design of the machine was entrusted to PilotDesign, which developed the shells and the ergonomics while respecting the UMV values.