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Mémoire du Vin

Among the projects created by FiveCo, this wine cellar management system named "Mémoire du Vin" was birthed out of its creator's passion for wine.

It was the initiator for the creation of a label, the Label Suisse Passion, that encompasses to date five brands whose products all showcase a high degree of quality and skill. This label defends the tailor-made, authenticity and high quality finishing of a Swiss product.

"Mémoire du Vin" is an original way of managing a wine cellar, whether you wish to browse through your collection or add a personal note on a wine. In the wine cellar or the sitting room, this contemporary and at the same time high-tech sculpture will find its place.

"Mémoire du Vin" works with a ring containing all the details of the wine and that slides onto the bottleneck. Designed to fit any bottle, it becomes a register for each bottle.

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